Data Management

Welcome to our class blog. Remember the whole world is watching now. As we’re in the middle of our data management unit I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce you to Google Docs. By now you should have received your Gmail email address and be able to log in and out of Google Apps. Here is the sign-in link


  1. Visit Google Apps and sign in.
  2. Click on he email button to take you to your email.
  3. You will see an email, sent on Saturday September 18th, from me titled, “Class Introductions Spreadsheet.”  Click on the link inside the email and it will take you to the spreadsheet.
  4. Fill in the spreadsheet by following the example of others.  Remember to scroll to the right because there is lots of information to fill in.
  5. The spreadsheet will auto-save so don’t worry about saving your work.

Once you have entered your information, Google should auto-save your data but just in case it doesn’t make sure you click the save option.

When you have completed the assignment and saved your data please leave a comment on the blog to confirm you’ve finish.

Good luck and have fun.

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