Blogging Assignment #2: Make An Avatar

Make an avatar for your blog:


Step 1: Create an avatar for your blog and for you to use when leaving comments.  Avatars are a representation of yourself. Check out this post about avatars.  Create your avatar using one of the websites below.

Step 2: Once you have created your avatar and transferred it to your post like mine below, I would like you to explain, in words, why you designed your avatar the way you did.  See my avatar for an example explanation.


Any age can use these avatar sites:

Here is the avatar I designed this morning:

I had a lot of fun creating this avatar.  Firstly, I needed to choose a skin colour. After experimenting with all the skin colours available I decided to go with a light brown colour because I thought it would compliment the brights colours I wanted to use later.  Secondly, I added facial features and hairstyles.  As a teacher I’m used to having sensible haircuts, so for this avatar I decided to do the opposite.  I choose red hair because I wanted my avatar to be noticed.  If you have ever taken a picture of me you will notice that I like to give a big wide smile, so it seemed appropriate to choose the smiley face.  When I daydream, I secretly think of being a rockstar and when I think of dressing like a rockstar, I think of large rimmed sunglasses.  I choose the biggest ones available.  Rockstars often wear leather jackets so that seemed like the right thing to do when choosing the jacket, but when I chose the pants I decided to be silly and dress my avatar in shorts.  Lastly, I collect shoes – the more colourful the better.  I choose the largest shoes possible and painted them a bright green.  You will notice I chose a ski-themed background.  When I have any free time in winter I love to ski.

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