Blogging Assignment #5: Children’s Rights Fact Slideshow

In preparation for the Vow of Silence I would like you to create awareness, for others, on the topic of Children’s Rights.


Here is the outline of the assignment:


  1. Create a 5 slide presentation on the subject of Children’s Rights
  2. Create a title slide which includes the words Vow of Silence and Children’s Rights
  3. Use at least 1 picture
  4. Use 1 video in your presentation
  5. Add one link that links to a webpage giving more information on Children’s Rights
  6. On each side list no more than 2 facts about Children’s Rights
  7. Use some of the information you have learned in recent case studies
  8. Finally, add a 5 sentence 4-square on the topic of Children’s Rights.  Do not add the 4-square to the presentation, add it to the blog.
Here is a helpful link to show you how to embed your presentation into your blog:
  • Click file in top left hand corner
  • Click publish
  • Publish to web box should appear
  • Change size of presentation to small
  • Copy embed code
  • Paste into HTML box in your blog posting


Children’s Rights

     I strongly support Children’s Rights.  No child should ever have to go hungry.  All children should have access to basic health care.  Every child in the world has the right to an education.  I feel infuriated when I see or hear about Children’s Rights violations.


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