Halloween For Hunger is now called We Scare Hunger!

Class, some of you will have had limited experience with working on issues of social change. Issues such as hunger, poverty, homelessness, clean water, and children’s rights are issues our school and our community care deeply about.  This year, through a series of projects, you will have an opportunity to make a positive change in the world we live in.


Please take some time to look through the slideshow below which talks about the charity Free The Children, We Day, and how we can join thousands of other youth to make our world a better place.


Once you have watched the slideshow several times, I would like you to leave some thoughtful comments, in full sentences, in the comments box of the post.  When you watch the slideshow think about what you see, how you feel, and what you think about what you have just witnessed.



21 thoughts on “Halloween For Hunger is now called We Scare Hunger!

  1. I think we scare hunger is going to be great and we can beat are goal of one more can than last Year.I feel glad that people are stepping up but gross that its still going on

  2. Hi Mr. Lister.

    This is Jiayao. Firstly, I see that there were a couple of children in the video digging in a needle pile and I think that it is very dangerous for the children. Secondly, I feel awful for the children. Lastly, I think that in the future I can support them by participating in the Vow of Silence, which supports Children Rights.

  3. Hi Mr.Lister, I can’t wait for We Scare Hunger! I am going to bring in many, many cans tomorrow too. Also, I am very passionate about “hunger poverty child labor and children right’s.”

  4. I saw how much children go through child labor every day,for example,I saw a little girl around the age of 5-7 who had to sort through used needles from hospitals and drug addicts,and if she gets cut she doesn’t get medical attention she just washes it off. These videos made me feel disappointed and bad for all the children who have to go through this every day. This video made me think about that if one normal person can make a difference I wonder if I can.

  5. I feel disgusted about what the little girl had to do with the needles, and that when she got pricked nothing was done about it , I also feel that we can do more to help these child workers and let them be happy. I think that they have the rights to live a childhood that I have and hopefully the rest of the class does. I see child workers that work where adults should be and not the right safety for people to be working in.

  6. Mr. Lister,

    Oh my god. That video made me disgusted. I feel very bad for the kids in the factory’s and working in needles and if she got cut, nobody cares. In one of the videos there was a lot about passion and We Day. I reall hope one day child slavory, labour and soldiers just go away forever and never come back.

  7. That video makes me feel violated because if we lived in a different country that little girl sorting needles could be any of us, plus its disgusting that she dosent get medical care she just washes it if she gets pricked all those dieseases and just washing wont get rid of them. We must stop child labour!!!

  8. Hey Mr.Lister

    It’s Nigel here. Well the video of Craig Kielburger made me feel powerless. Really
    everything they shot in Africa was terrible really just terrible.

  9. I feel sickend about what goes on little kids digging through dirty needles and getting no medical help. I think the world can make a difference and We day can help. In Africa children are practically slaves and work in dangerous places and areas. I think I can make a difference.

  10. I think those people looked bored and working hard. I think the children in the video were between 8-9 years old. You can get sick from working too hard, so I don’t think the children should be working all the time. I think I can help by bringing in canned food and helping to make clean water.

  11. I see that passionate people are making a difference and changing the word. they are changing everything just because they set their mind to it and I feel just so proud to have them in this world and that they are demanding everyone’s attention just to save all these children and all these people along with their countries and I think that if everyone would just turn their head and pay attention that the world would be a much better place to live and to grow up in. So that’s what I say and now I more understand the power of WE!

  12. Hi Mr Lister,

    I feel bad that a little girl digging through needles, and know one did anything about it. I saw child labour in the video. I hope i could do something about it.

  13. The little girl is picking through hospital needles and drug needles. I feel disappointed and hopeful that she won’t get hurt again. I feel I could do something about it by participating in Free The Children.

  14. I feel disapointed when i see the little girl diging throuth a pile of neadels because those needles were used for drug addicts and from hospitals which has alot of diseases that could get her really sick. And when ever she gets cut from the needles she dosent get any treatment she only washes it with poluted water.

  15. I think it is sickening that they are sorting through needles that where used by drug addicts.
    It makes me sad that they have to do that. I that they shoulded have to do that so yong. I think the adult should be doing that.

  16. I think that in southen asia that ther is alot of child labor, that many kids work to get food. I think that I can make a change.

  17. I saw young kids working.
    I felt like if I got cut with needle I would be crying
    I think bring caned food can Change a kid or aldults life.

  18. Hi Mr. Lister,

    The video about how Craig Kielburger started “Free the Children” meant a lot to me! In the video I saw many kids do various, dangerous jobs. When we were watching the video I felt disappointed, hurt and unpleasant. Also, during the video I thought about why children are doing such dangerous jobs and why Craig decided to go to south Asia at the age of twelve. I was wishing that I could help those children at that very moment as I was watching that video!

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