Global Read-A-Loud 2012: The One and Only Ivan

As you know, we have joined the Global Read-a-Loud 2012 along with 126 classrooms around the world. Together we will be reading the book, The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Here is a video trailer of the book:



Here is the cover of the book:


In the comments section of this post, I would like you to tell me what you think of the book so far – page 1-78.  If you need a little extra help, use this list to help you:

  1. Summarize the passage in the book we’ve read so far
  2. Tell me if you liked/disliked some of the characters
  3. Tell me how you felt listening to the book so far
  4. Make a prediction of where you think the story will go from here


Remember to…

  • Read your work, or have a friend read your work, before you submit.
  • Form full sentences.
  • Look for words underlined in red to indicate spelling mistakes.
  • Stay on topic.

12 thoughts on “Global Read-A-Loud 2012: The One and Only Ivan

  1. The One And Only Ivan.

    I know three different characters in the book “The One And Only Ivan.” Firstly, I know a gorilla named Ivan. Ivan tells the story and is the main character. Secondly, there is a dog named Bob who hates poodles. Bob likes to watch cat food commercials and professional football. Lastly, an elephant named Stella, and she is a dear friend of Ivan. Stella can pick up peanuts with her trunk, and it’s very impressive. I feel startled we get to read and listen to the book “The One And Only Ivan.”

  2. I think the book, The One and Only is sad. One reason the book is sad is because Ivan is trapped in a cage. He is also upset because he is the only gorilla in the cage. The book is also sad because Stella the elephant was whipped with a whip. I feel sad about
    The book.

  3. There are many characters in The One and Only Ivan. Ivan is the main character he is a gorilla. Ivan is a silver back gorilla and lives in a domain. Stella is an elephant and used to be in the circus . Stella has a hurt foot and a baby named Ruby but its not her baby.Bob was going to be caged like the others at The Big Top mall and arcade but the truck crashed but Bob escaped but I cant say the same for his family .Bob is a dog his family died from jumping out of the truck and hitting the ground to hard Bob is not in captivity but he visits Ivan and eats the garbage there. I love the book The One and Only Ivan.

  4. I know three main characters in The One And Only Ivan. Firstly, There is Ivan, the most main character in the book. He loves to draw with crayons. Ivan has Bob sleep on his chest each night. He is called “The One And Only Ivan”. Secondly, there is Stella the elephant. Stella has an injured foot and she limps a lot. She plays Mom for the new baby elephant, Ruby. Ivan tries to comfort her sometimes but she seems the heavy-Hearted type. Thirdly, there is Bob the dog. Bob is a little dog with big ears. He was a stray and got dumped on the side of the road when he was a puppy. I like Bob the best because he can fend for himself. Those are the three main characters in The One And Only Ivan

  5. I like the book The one and only Ivan because… Firstly, the way that its written from Ivans perspective. That makes it more interesting because you know how he feels throughout the book. Second is the humor I like the jokes in the book. I find that when the jokes are made Ivan does not realize which makes it even more funny. I like how the book never gets boring. There is always something new and interesting going on. those are the main reasons I like The One And Only Ivan.

  6. I know three facts about Ivan. The first fact is that he loves to draw. The second fact is that he like to watch t.v. with his friends. The last reason is that he lives in a zoo in a mall. I feel amused when my teacher reads the book.

  7. The One and Only Ivan is an amazing book. This book is about a Silverback Gorilla named Ivan. Ivan loves to draw The Big Top Mall And Arcade’s manager, Mack sells His drawings. Stella is an elephant. She has a wounded leg From getting whipped at the circus. Bob is a stray chihuahua. Bob likes watching cat food commercials. I love The One And Only Ivan!

  8. So far there are three things about the book. Firstly, I like the way that the book have more than two characters in it. secondly, I like the way that the story is told from the main character. Some authors let the other characters tell the story. Thirdly I like that the story is not written as a diary. The diaries are mostly boring to me! Lastly, I feel blissful of what happened so far.

  9. My favorite characters in The One And Only Ivan book. My first favorite character is Bob.
    Bob is my favorite character because he was going to be caged like the others. Stella is my next favorite character. She is my favorite character because she is an elephant and she use to be in a circus. My last favorite character is Ivan. I like Ivan because he is the only gorilla in the mall. I feel turned on when I hear there names in the book.

  10. my favorite character is Ivan because he his a artist and because he is second favorite character is bob because he is a dog and i like dog therd favorite is stella because she is a elephant and i kinda like elephants because they are big.

  11. Ivan is fantastic beacuse he is a grand artist.
    bob is really cool beacuse he is funny beyond compare.
    stella is great beacuse she forgets nothing.

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