Div 1’s Stop Motion Videos

Div 1, I would like you to give feedback on one of the stop motion videos below in the comment section of this post.  In your writing you should express one thing you like about each video, one think you think the creators may want to work on, and finally one thing you have learned from your own experiences about making stop motion video.  Make sure to use the title of the video in your comment so we know which one you are referencing.  Below is a sample comment:


“In the movie Growing Spots I liked the way the creators of the video matched the low tempo music with the low tempo feel of the video.  I think the creators need to find an alternative to holding the camera because the video looks a little shaky.  One thing I learned from the process of making stop motion videos is that it takes hundreds of pictures to create a movie.”


1. Draw Off!

Draw Off! from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


2. Growing Spots

Growing Spots from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


3. Jeffrey the Dinosaur

Jeffrey The Dinosaur from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


4. LOL

LOL from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


5. Story Project Video

Story Project Stop Motion from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


6.  Spring Bloom

Spring Bloom from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


7. ZED’s Production

ZED’s Production from Mr Lister on Vimeo.

8 thoughts on “Div 1’s Stop Motion Videos

  1. For Draw Off!

    What I liked about this video is how nice the pandas were and how they drew the pandas a little bit each time!
    What they might need to improve on next time is keeping the camera perfectly still maybe a tripod?

  2. In the movie Jeffery The Dinosaur, I liked how they made the dinosaur eat a taco because I would not be able to think of that. I think you guys should make the dinosaur bigger or put the zoom in so it would be easier to see. One thing I learned was how many pictures can make a thirty second video in Jelly Cam really quickly.

  3. On ZED’S production I thought the carecters were really funny and I also thought that it could be a tad slower.I also thought they could do it a little closer and NOT to move the camera. I really liked the red circle-ish one! You also need to have more colour to the race track. maybe you could have put the camera on the ground.I did like the race track but,you could of done it longer. : )


  4. I really enjoyed showing these to my students. As they take more time to review them, I am sure they will leave more comments. However, the one things they are all crazy about knowing is how did you create these?

    Can you share your directions with us? Is it a series of individual pictures and then uploaded into audacity?

    1. Hello CStakey,

      Thank you for your kind words. My students used free piece of stop-motion software called Jelly Cam http://www.ticklypictures.com/shop/jellycam/. We used a digital camera to take around 200 pictures – moving each character a small distance before taking the next shot. We then used http://freeplaymusic.com/ to upload copyright free music. My students really enjoyed the process. Here are some valuable resources from the National Film Board of Canada: http://www.nfb.ca/playlist/stopmostudio/

  5. That was a really cool video.I think what you should improve on Jeffrey the dinosaur is hold the camera a little more still.I liked how the music went with the flow of the video. Overall it was really neat!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Bailey. I’ll pass your feedback on to my students. Have you tried stop motion before?

      Mr. Lister

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