Student Vote 2015 Review

Our Student Vote election is over and students have had a chance to voice their concerns about who runs our country.  The adults and youth both elected majority Liberal governments on Oct 19th.  Congratulations!

Over 850 000 youth voted in over 6 000 schools across the country.  That bodes well for future voters and for democracy in general in Canada.


Here are the official youth results and a video review from Strathcona students:


Youth Chilliwack Hope-Hope









3 thoughts on “Student Vote 2015 Review

  1. Hi,
    I am a 6th grader from Hawaii. Your class looks very intelligent and do good work. Keep it up! I am wondering where you live what kinds of foods do you eat?

  2. Dear Strathcona students,
    I really love this post about the student vote! I think you were very descriptive and I also think it is cool that you got students to participate in the election. The addition of the video made your post very clear. Who do you think will win for President in 2016? If you would like, you can come visit my blog. Here is the link: .

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