2 thoughts on “Experimenting With Op-Art

  1. Wow your art is amazing I would love to try that someday. I especially like the pink love heart one but they are all amazing. Sometime could you please reply of how you did a couple of them?

  2. Dear MrListerd33,
    I have to say that I think that this art is fantastic! This class must be amazing artists and I love the fact that the people seem to be falling through the holes and the hands blend into their landscape. All of this is so terrific. By the way, did you know that art used to be an Olympic sport? You guys might want to enter! All in all, I like this whole website, and I hope you keep on posting!
    Sincerely, samle2024
    P.S. See if you can’t visit our blog! I am about to write a post on our art projects!

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