Stop-motion Animation Film Fest 2015-2016

Student’s from Div 3 have been working on producing their first stop-motion animation using the three principles of stop-motion from the National Film Board.

1. Take a picture

2. Make a small change and repeat

3. Speed it up


Below is a summary of their work.  In addition, you can find personal reflections about the project from each student on their personal blogs located in the sidebar on the right.

1. Dancing Cubes by Aiden and Kiara P

The Dancing Cubes from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


2. The Appearing Shapes by Carys and Yasmine

The Appearing Shapes from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


3. Holiday Cubes by Emma, Paige, Naleigha, and Kai

Holiday Cubes from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


4. The Growing Tree by Kyler, Liam, and Jacob

The Growing Tree from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


5. Action Man’s Bad Day by Sophie, Madison M, and Kassidy

Action Man’s Bad Day! from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


6. Origami Party by Ji Ji, Madison H, Kyra, and

Origami Party from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


7. Herding Horses by Marissa, Nicole, and Kiara B

Herding Horses from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


8. Lego by Joey, Logan, and Max

Lego from Mr Lister on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Stop-motion Animation Film Fest 2015-2016

  1. Hello! I am a 6th grader from California (U.S). I Really enjoyed watching your students stop motions. I could really tell they time and effort in to them. 🙂

  2. Hi!
    I really like your post! My class did something just like it! It was super fun! I really liked the one called The Dancing Cubes!
    Please visit my blog


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