Encouraging A Growth Mindset

Welcome to another exciting school year at Strathcona Elementary School.

Between allowing time for you to pursue your own interest and passions in the classroom, I look forward to introducing you to more hands-on methods of inquiry-based learning.  This year, I would like awaken your creativity, develop your critical thinking skills, and build a classroom community that celebrates positivity.

One exciting way to take full advantage of the school, year is to understand the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset.  This YouTube play list will hopefully help.  Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Encouraging A Growth Mindset

  1. Hi, Mr. Lister! Just wanted to let you know that our class has included yours on our blogroll. We’d love for you to come visit us some time, too! http://mrshughesclass.info/ We are VERY familiar with a Growth Mindset attitude at our school, and are working on it every day!

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