17 thoughts on “What Is A Blog?

  1. I already knew that blogs are an online version of journals. I didn’t know that “Blog” is a combination of web and log. This gave me an idea which is to make a post about blogs.

  2. Answer to question 1:
    I already knew you could add a theme and that all people can access your blog, if you want them too.
    Answer to question 2:
    I didn’t know that there was a difference between a page and a post.
    Answer to question 3:
    I think I will try to customize my blog a it more.

  3. I knew that blogs are like an online journal. I did not know that the word blog was log and web. I want to put my stop motion on my blog.

  4. I already know that you can post and share it with the world and that you can adjust your theme of your blog.
    Some new information that I learnt is that the header is the primary part of why people come to your blog.
    Some ideas that I have for my blog is that I should post more often , that I should change my theme every month or two and have a mix up in posts every now and then.

  5. Hello this is Emerson i already knew that blogs were something people made to express there thoughts and opinions. I learned that that side bars were actually a thing i just thought they were just for ads. this gave me an idea to chang my theme and to start blogging more.

    It’s been a pleasure reading/watching your blog
    sincerely Emerson

  6. What I already knew about blogs was that you can share your ideas with the world by using your blog and writing ideas on it. All the new information was that of the layout of your blog, such as the body, the header, the sidebars, etc. This video did not give me any ideas for blog writing, but it did give me a few ideas for customization.

  7. The only thing about blogs i know are that you type in them
    New information was The header,The body,The sidebar,The .footer

  8. I already knew that you can comment on other peoples’ ideas and thoughts.

    I did not know that any age could use a Blog

    I did not know that any age could use a Blog

  9. I knew that blogs were online sites that people wrote on and shared things that were going on in that person’s life. I learnt that you can change your blog’s theme, that pages were different from posts, and that blogs were so easy to navigate. Now that I’ve watched that video I think I’m going to post a post about me.

  10. What I already knew about blogging is that a blog is something where you share your thoughts, news, and to share information about something. One thing that was new information is that there are different places where the persons information is put. what this makes me want to do on my own blog is to make my blog nice and to put back rounds on it and to post more about soccer.

  11. I already knew that you write on your blog for the world to see plus I knew you could edit your blog so it could suit yourself and the last thing I knew about blogs are that you can leave links on them. Some new information about blogs for me today is that there are multiple parts of a blog another thing I didn’t know about blogs s that you can now access your blog from your phone. This video has inspired me to write more on my blog, make changes to how my blog looks, and also comment on peoples posts more frequently.

  12. I already knew that you can write and use blogs for journaling and that you can share content to the world. I learned that you can have logos for your blog and I also learned that you can write about anything that is on your mind. This video makes me want to go world wide.

  13. What I already knew about blogging is that you blog about your thoughts and that you can also comment on other peoples blogs. What I learned about a blog is that there are four different sections to a blog, the head, the body, the feet, and the sidebar. An idea this gave me is to make a nice looking blog that is interesting.

  14. what i already knew about blogging was that you need to have correct information and your grammar has to be if not perfect then good. there was really no new information for me. the ideas that the video gave me is to make my website look more attractive and appealing to the eye so people want to see what i have to say.

  15. One thing I already knew about blogging is that it’s sort of like your personal digital journal. Write down your ideas and thoughts, but instead of keeping them to yourself, you can share them with the world! Something thing I did not know, however, is the distinctness between a post and a page. I always considered them to be the same thing but the information of the video succeeded to tilt my opinion of that subject in a different direction toward the actual truth. This post has also started some fireworks of ideas in my head of what to write on my blog, I don’t even know which one to start with!

  16. I didn’t know much about blog when I started the video . After the video I learnt that the main part of the blog is called the body . Yes this also help to make my own blog .

  17. I knew that a blog is something you share information about the stuff you are doing and the things that you have on your mind. New information that I learned today was that a blog is originally created by the webs words. This gave me the idea to make a short story because of all the time that the body kept changing into a different looking person I thought of a story.

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