Stop-motion Animation Film Fest 2015-2016

Student’s from Div 3 have been working on producing their first stop-motion animation using the three principles of stop-motion from the National Film Board.

1. Take a picture

2. Make a small change and repeat

3. Speed it up


Below is a summary of their work.  In addition, you can find personal reflections about the project from each student on their personal blogs located in the sidebar on the right.

1. Dancing Cubes by Aiden and Kiara P

The Dancing Cubes from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


2. The Appearing Shapes by Carys and Yasmine

The Appearing Shapes from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


3. Holiday Cubes by Emma, Paige, Naleigha, and Kai

Holiday Cubes from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


4. The Growing Tree by Kyler, Liam, and Jacob

The Growing Tree from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


5. Action Man’s Bad Day by Sophie, Madison M, and Kassidy

Action Man’s Bad Day! from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


6. Origami Party by Ji Ji, Madison H, Kyra, and

Origami Party from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


7. Herding Horses by Marissa, Nicole, and Kiara B

Herding Horses from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


8. Lego by Joey, Logan, and Max

Lego from Mr Lister on Vimeo.

Celebrating Creativity, Imagination, and Play: The Global Cardboard Challenge

“Caine’s Arcade” by Nirvan Mullick is licensed under Standard YouTube License

It was an honour this past Friday to participate with my grade 5/6 students in the Global Cardboard Challenge.  Born out of one boy’s imagination with a bunch of cardboard boxes he found at his dad’s auto parts store in east Los Angeles, Canine’s Arcade has spurned a worldwide movement to celebrate creativity, imagination, and play.


#sd33STARS‘s Global Cardboard Challenge day had little rules.  In fact, the only rule was the that the cardboard box needed to be transformed into something other than a cardboard box.  The results were incredible.  I’ve learned that when we surround assignment and tasks with so many rules and restrictions we kill all kinds of creativity and imagination.


If you’re thinking of participating in your own #CardboardChallenge, then here are some tips I’ve developed over the years:

  1. List your event on the Cardboard Challenge site
  2. Make your rules simple – For example, “You need to transform your cardboard box into something other than a cardboard box.”
  3. Ask parents for donations of supplies such as tape, hot glue, scissors, paint etc…
  4. Involve parents by communicating @CainesArcade story.
  5. Get students pumped by showing @CainesArcade video.
  6. Show pictures of other people’s creations and allow time for students to brainstorm.
  7. Give them some class time to work on it.
  8. Invite parents to come in and play with the creations on the day you set aside to celebrate.
  9. Give students a chance to talk about their creations.
  10. Take pictures and tweet out to engage with others using the #highfive and #cardboardchallenge
  11. Most importantly, support those kids who may not have the home support to help with ideas and construction needs.

Div 1’s Stop Motion Videos

Div 1, I would like you to give feedback on one of the stop motion videos below in the comment section of this post.  In your writing you should express one thing you like about each video, one think you think the creators may want to work on, and finally one thing you have learned from your own experiences about making stop motion video.  Make sure to use the title of the video in your comment so we know which one you are referencing.  Below is a sample comment:


“In the movie Growing Spots I liked the way the creators of the video matched the low tempo music with the low tempo feel of the video.  I think the creators need to find an alternative to holding the camera because the video looks a little shaky.  One thing I learned from the process of making stop motion videos is that it takes hundreds of pictures to create a movie.”


1. Draw Off!

Draw Off! from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


2. Growing Spots

Growing Spots from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


3. Jeffrey the Dinosaur

Jeffrey The Dinosaur from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


4. LOL

LOL from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


5. Story Project Video

Story Project Stop Motion from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


6.  Spring Bloom

Spring Bloom from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


7. ZED’s Production

ZED’s Production from Mr Lister on Vimeo.