Encouraging A Growth Mindset

Welcome to another exciting school year at Strathcona Elementary School.

Between allowing time for you to pursue your own interest and passions in the classroom, I look forward to introducing you to more hands-on methods of inquiry-based learning.  This year, I would like awaken your creativity, develop your critical thinking skills, and build a classroom community that celebrates positivity.

One exciting way to take full advantage of the school, year is to understand the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset.  This YouTube play list will hopefully help.  Enjoy!



Introduction to Electricity


This week we had the pleasure of several visits from math and science helping teacher Justin Moore who introduced us to LittleBits.  LittleBits is a platform of easy to use electronic building blocks for creating electric circuits.

Day 1 – Students were asked to think about how electricity is an integral part of the lives and might constitute as an electronic device.

Day 2 – Students were introduced to components such as a power supply, counter, motors, LED’s, and buzzers.

Day 3 – students were given a task to make one of two items – either a tickle machine, wave greeter, or hypnotising machine using the LittleBits and a box of art supplies.

Day 4 and 5 – Students were given the task of using the LittleBits to ‘create something that does something.’

Day 6 – Students presented their creations to the class and created a series of reflective blog postings such as this one.

During this exploration of circuits and electricity, students were exposed to a variety of different disciplines such as science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (#STEAM)

LittleBits are quite expensive but if you’re interested to checking out the cost you can visit the store.