BC EXcalibur Party Leader – Michael Halliday

Leader of the BC Excalibur Party, Michael Halliday, stopped by the school today to present his platform to our students. Below is a video of the presentation along with 10 facts on why students should vote for the Excalibur Party on Student Vote day, May 13th.

1. Create Rail Transit between Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack and Hope
2. Remove the PST from used items, to encourage Re-use and Re-cycle
3. Use the Carbon Tax for what it was meant – providing revenue for Alternative Energy and clean air projects
4. No Incinerator – use landfills to develop alternate fuel source projects
5. Defend our Water from Environmentally harmful exploitation
6. Respect for the concerns of local communities
7. Elementary, Middle and High School classes alike should be supplied with regular teacher’s aides to help teachers monitor classroom activity
8. With prizes of money and environmentally friendly products the BC Green Lottery will work towards encouraging, developing and funding environmental education, protection and preservation projects from its profits
9. Cover medical bills for approved alternate medical care, such as naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractors, Chinese medicine, holistic herbalism etc., as well as treatments
10. BC residents participating in self-employment training through a government programme should receive $500.00 to $1,000.00 set-up money after graduation from their course and should be eligible for a 6 month extension of government payments.

Central’s Mock Provincial Election 2013


On Monday May 13th you will be joining tens of thousands of students by voting in Student Vote’s 2013 Student Provincial Election and by doing so choose a new leader of British Columbia.  The student election run by Student Vote simulates what it would be like to participate in a real election.


Remember it’s your Right and your Responsibility to vote!  Let your voice be heard and have your say!

The school is located in the Chilliwack electoral riding.  Below is a map of British Columbia broken up into small, more managable, areas called ridings


Here are your five political parties attempting to win the most votes in the Chilliwack riding, and help their party run the province of British Columbia:














1. BC Conservative Party

Chilliwack candidate: Chad Eros

Party Leader: John Cummins

Party Platform: This is what we plan to do if elected…













2. . BC Excalibur Party

Chilliwack candidate: Michael Halliday

Party Leader: Michael Halliday

Party Platform: This is what we plan to do if elected…





3. BC Green Party

Chilliwack candidate: Kimberlee Reimer

Party Leader: Jane Sterk

Party Platform: This is what we plan to do if elected…


4. BC Liberal Party

Chilliwack candidate: John Martin

Party Leader and current leader of BC: Christy Clark

Party Platform: This is what we plan to do if elected…


5. BC NDP Party

Chilliwack candidate: Patti MacAhonic

Party Leader: Adrian Dix

Party Platform: This is what we plan to do if elected…