Central Elementary School has had the honour of partnering with Free The Children’s We Act program since 2010.  Free The Children’s social justice programming has had a significant impact on the students I have worked with over the last 4 years.


Today is April 17th, and today we are showing our support for the millions of children around the world whose basic human rights are not met.  Many children are forced to work long hours in unsafe conditions.  They do not get the chance to go to school and become the best that they can be.  Today we stand in solidarity for those children caught in the cycle of poverty, have little or no access to clean drinking water, have no access to basic health care, and are dying of treatable diseases.  Our silence today sends out a clear message to governments around the world that the time to fight for Children’s Rights is today! These children are our future!




Below is a form I would like you to fill out to let me know why you are choosing to go silent for a period of time today:

Thinking Of Others


Halloween For Hunger is the first campaign in our year-long commitment to think of others.  This campaign was founded by Free The Children and is focused on collecting non-perishable food items to donate to our local food bank in Chilliwack.

  • Our goal this year is collect 700 cans of food
  • During the week of Mon Oct 24th – Mon Oct 31st – please bring to school at least one can of food
  • On Halloween night, Monday Oct 31st, instead of or as well as collected candy, please also consider asking for canned food
  • The local newspapers are running stories on SD 33’s Halloween For Hunger campaign as well as the two local radio stations
  • We will also be canvasing the local streets in the lead up to Halloween to make sure everyone is aware that people will be asking for canned food
How can you help collect canned food?:
  1. Ask your immediate family if you have any extra cans
  2. Call your extended family who live in Chilliwack and ask them
  3. Ask your parents to call or text their friends about the event
  4. Use your Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts to spread the message to family and friends who live out of town
  5. With your parents help, ask your neighbours if they can help
Remember, you are the generation this world has been waiting for.  You can help make a difference in your own town if you choose to.
Here are some social media links to help you understand the campaign a little more:

Social Studies Assignment: The United Nations

In keeping with our themes of children’s rights and social justice in social studies this year, we are moving on to discuss the United Nations.  After reviewing the material below you are going to combine your knowledge and expertise in technology with your newly acquired knowledge of the United Nations, by creating a speaking avatar or Voki.  Your Voki will inform me, your classmates, and the rest of the world about your understanding of the United Nations.

Assignment Steps:

  1. Visit www.voki.com
  2. Click on the create button in the top left hand corner
  3. Next, customize your character by gender, hairstyle, and clothing
  4. Once you are happy with your character click done
  5. Now it’s time to add the voice of your character.  I would like you to make your character talk about important points you have recently learned about the United Nations
  6. You can either record your own voice or use the text to speech box.
  7. Once you’ve selected an appropriate voice for your character click done
  8. You can now publish your work – click publish
  9. You will be prompted to name your work: Use firstname and UN in capitals
  10. If you have not already created an account you will need to do so now – use your @mrlister.co.cc email address and DO NOT use your last name
  11. Once registered choose medium sized voki
  12. Copy all the text in the box labelled “For Most Sites Use This Code”
  13. Once you have the code for your Voki visit the following Google Document and paste your code under your name – http://bit.ly/hsohIT

Here is an example:

Get a Voki now!

Friday’s Vow Of Silence In Support Of Children’s Rights

On Friday Nov 19, 2010 we are taking the Vow of Silence with others around the world to stand up for children who do not have their basic rights met and as a result may not survive or may not grow to reach their full potential.   I am so proud of those of you taking this stand with me.

Here is our day plan:

8:36 – Child’s Rights Videos and reflections – Lead by Mr. Lister

9:10 – Journals – reflect on how it feels to be silent at school

9:30 – choose a ‘child’s right’ issue to research using research links on blog under the heading Children’s Rights Awareness

10:15 – Silent Recess

10:30 – Art – Child’s Right Poster

– When you are finished – play Vow of Silence games on the blog under the heading Educational Games

12:00 – Silent Lunch

12:45 – Video – Ruby Bridges

2:30 – Dismissal

Things you could do that are silent:

1. Listen to a book at the Living Library

2. Read a book

3. Research history of child rights or a specific issue that interests you

4. What ideas can you come up with?

Please honour your classmates on Friday by respecting their silence!