Blog Assignment

Wow!  I have been thoroughly impressed with the way our class reporters have been going about their daily task of reflecting on the days events.  Well done!


We have exciting blogging opportunities coming up this month and next, so I want to make sure we are fine tuning our posting and commenting skills.  With that in mind, below is an outline of a blogging assignment I would like to complete today:



1. Create a new POST.

2. Please title the new post, My School In A Snapshot.

3. You will take a picture of one part of the school that is most important to you, or an area of the school you are fond of.

4. Once you have thought of a suitable spot, I would like you to write about why it is important or meaningful to you.

5. Remember to follow the blogging guidelines about content and media.

6. Finally, ask your readers what their classrooms look like.  This will facilitate a dialogue with other students and their classrooms around the world.





My School In A Snapshot












I used this recent art project as an example of something that is meaningful to me in school.  One of the reasons this picture is significant is because it took the whole class to make it, and collaborating is an important skill in school and in life.  Another reason this picture is particularly meaningful to me is because it is a reflection of school life.  Each quadrant in the quilt art is different from the one next to it, and that reminds me that every student in the school is uniquely different from the next, and that is what makes our school community such a vibrant and diverse place to be a part of.


I borrowed this art idea from a wonderful art blog named Art Projects For Kids designed for elementary and middle school students.


What makes your school unique? What images are important to you in your school, or your learning environment? Please post your response in the comment section of this post.

Four-Square Writing: A Great Idea Organizer And Paragraph Writing Helper

connecting words

I would like you to chose one of your best four-square writing samples and type it into the comments section of this post.

Please remember the following:

  • The whole world is able to read your story so make your topic worth reading
  • Give your writing a title
  • Topic sentence – please use a full sentence for your topic
  • Choose a 5, 8, or advanced paragraph – challenge yourself
  • Indent the first line
  • Leave two spaces after a period before you start the next sentence.
  • EDIT your work for missing words and basic punctuation
  • Use your SPARKLE words

I would then like you to comment on other people’s work by giving a detailed sentence on something you liked about the topic or the writing.