March 2012 Student Blogging Challenge By Edublogs


This blogging experience is designed to improve your blog writing, commenting skills, introduce you to a wider audience, and connect you with students and teachers from around the world.  The challenge starts in March and runs for 10 weeks.  Each week you will be presented with a new challenge, which will require you to focus on your own blog or interact with other’s blogs.


Steps to participate:

  1. Register – take care to read the registration form correctly.  Your blog address is example
  2. Register your email address to receive emails about each week’s challenge.  Click here and then enter your email address in the top right hand corner under the heading, ‘Enter Your Email Address.’
  3. Read the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) about the challenge.
  • Over 1000 students participated in the challenge last year.
  • The challenge takes place twice each year, in September and March.
  • Last year, students from 15 different counties around the world participated.
  • The majority of participants are aged between 12-14 and have their own individual blogs.
Have Fun!  I look forward to seeing you improve your skills in these areas.

Four-Square Writing: A Great Idea Organizer And Paragraph Writing Helper

connecting words

I would like you to chose one of your best four-square writing samples and type it into the comments section of this post.

Please remember the following:

  • The whole world is able to read your story so make your topic worth reading
  • Give your writing a title
  • Topic sentence – please use a full sentence for your topic
  • Choose a 5, 8, or advanced paragraph – challenge yourself
  • Indent the first line
  • Leave two spaces after a period before you start the next sentence.
  • EDIT your work for missing words and basic punctuation
  • Use your SPARKLE words

I would then like you to comment on other people’s work by giving a detailed sentence on something you liked about the topic or the writing.