Div 1’s Stop Motion Videos

Div 1, I would like you to give feedback on one of the stop motion videos below in the comment section of this post.  In your writing you should express one thing you like about each video, one think you think the creators may want to work on, and finally one thing you have learned from your own experiences about making stop motion video.  Make sure to use the title of the video in your comment so we know which one you are referencing.  Below is a sample comment:


“In the movie Growing Spots I liked the way the creators of the video matched the low tempo music with the low tempo feel of the video.  I think the creators need to find an alternative to holding the camera because the video looks a little shaky.  One thing I learned from the process of making stop motion videos is that it takes hundreds of pictures to create a movie.”


1. Draw Off!

Draw Off! from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


2. Growing Spots

Growing Spots from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


3. Jeffrey the Dinosaur

Jeffrey The Dinosaur from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


4. LOL

LOL from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


5. Story Project Video

Story Project Stop Motion from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


6.  Spring Bloom

Spring Bloom from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


7. ZED’s Production

ZED’s Production from Mr Lister on Vimeo.

The Living Library Project


As promised the Living Library Project website is now live and waiting for you to check out ‘living books.’

Mr. Bartel’s story will be available soon, as I’m sure you’re all excited to hear it once again.  His story is one that had a clear and strong message, never give up.  When life throws us a curve-ball, so to speaks, we may not be able to reach all the goals we set.  Instead of giving up on our goals we need to think about changing them slightly or modifying them instead.  I hope you enjoyed the story and found it an inspiration.

I’d like to thank everyone for being so respectful while listening to Mr. Bartel’s story, and for honouring the live recording expectations.  When you ‘check-out’ the book in the library you’ll notice how clear the recording is.

Things to think about when listening to stories:

  1. What makes a good storyteller?
  2. What are you favourite types of stories?
  3. Why do people tell stories?
  4. What are the different types of stories you’ve heard?