Hunger Assignment


Here are your steps to completing this assignment:

  1. Create at least a 5 slide presentation in Goggle Docs
  2. Share your presentation with me,
  3. You must have a title slide
  4. The second slide: One question you have about food banks – if it’s a question it should end with a ? mark
  5. Third slide: Why you appreciate food banks
  6. Fourth slide: One way that you or the Chilliwack community can support our local food bank
  7. Fifth slide: A 4-square response on the topic of hunger
  8. You may do more than 5 slides
  9. You may add pictures and video
  10. The assignment due date is Monday Oct 24th

Thinking Of Others


Halloween For Hunger is the first campaign in our year-long commitment to think of others.  This campaign was founded by Free The Children and is focused on collecting non-perishable food items to donate to our local food bank in Chilliwack.

  • Our goal this year is collect 700 cans of food
  • During the week of Mon Oct 24th – Mon Oct 31st – please bring to school at least one can of food
  • On Halloween night, Monday Oct 31st, instead of or as well as collected candy, please also consider asking for canned food
  • The local newspapers are running stories on SD 33’s Halloween For Hunger campaign as well as the two local radio stations
  • We will also be canvasing the local streets in the lead up to Halloween to make sure everyone is aware that people will be asking for canned food
How can you help collect canned food?:
  1. Ask your immediate family if you have any extra cans
  2. Call your extended family who live in Chilliwack and ask them
  3. Ask your parents to call or text their friends about the event
  4. Use your Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts to spread the message to family and friends who live out of town
  5. With your parents help, ask your neighbours if they can help
Remember, you are the generation this world has been waiting for.  You can help make a difference in your own town if you choose to.
Here are some social media links to help you understand the campaign a little more: