Central Elementary School has had the honour of partnering with Free The Children’s We Act program since 2010.  Free The Children’s social justice programming has had a significant impact on the students I have worked with over the last 4 years.


Today is April 17th, and today we are showing our support for the millions of children around the world whose basic human rights are not met.  Many children are forced to work long hours in unsafe conditions.  They do not get the chance to go to school and become the best that they can be.  Today we stand in solidarity for those children caught in the cycle of poverty, have little or no access to clean drinking water, have no access to basic health care, and are dying of treatable diseases.  Our silence today sends out a clear message to governments around the world that the time to fight for Children’s Rights is today! These children are our future!




Below is a form I would like you to fill out to let me know why you are choosing to go silent for a period of time today:

We Are Silent 2013

 Why Go Silent?

  • 215 million children are forced to work as child labourers and are denied the right to attend school.  One in every three children in developing countries is malnourished. One billion children are deprived of essential services like food, water, education, or health care.

For those of you who have chosen to participate in this year’s vow of silence to create awareness around the issue of Children’s Rights, my hope is that you’ll all remember this day and always be advocates for those less fortunate than yourselves. Silence is powerful!  Silence can aslo be awkward and uncomfortable for many people, and it’s these uncomfortable feelings we want to tap into to.  We want people  to look at you, to look at the t-shirts and slogans you are wearing, to question you, and most importantly we want them to wonder.  We want them to see that you care so deeply about Children’s Rights that you’re not afraid to show it.  You see, We Are Silent is about showing the world that children and youth also care about Children’s Rights, not just adults, and what children and youth have to say on the issue is important and their voices must be heard!  Your voice must be heard!  On Thursday April, 18th your silence is your voice, and it will loud enough that world leaders will have no opinion but to listen to you.


The Chilliwack Times newspaper wrote this article about on Tuesday.  I hope it will serve to inspire you to meet your goal.


Here is a slideshow which shows how important the topic of Children’s Rights really is:



This video shows students participating in We Are Silent in 2010:


Vow of Silence 2010: Free The Children from Mr Lister on Vimeo.


Please copy your 4-square on Children’s Rights in the comment section below.  Remember to use SpellCheckPlus



We Are Silent Day Plan 2013

8:45 Circle – Will use whiteboards to give a number and feeling

9:30 Silent French with Mrs. Austin

10:15 Silent Recess –  I will be outside with you to support you

10:30 Short Videos –

  • I will show a series of short video on several topics related Children’s Rights.

  • Watch the video a couple of times.

  • Respond with a question, comment, statement of support, or connection related to the right.

  • Write the message down sticky notes and attach it to the chart paper.




1. Read the Blog posting on the class blog titled, We Are Silent 2013

  • Finish your 4-square on Children’s Rights you started on Monday with Mrs. Austin

  • Copy it into the comment section of the blog

  • Remember to use SpellcheckPlus

2. Create your own slideshow on the topic of children’s rights or create your own blog posting on the topic of children’s rights

12:00 Silent Lunch – I will be outside and inside taking video footage and supporting you in your vow

12:45 Silent Read

1:00 science – Mr. Hagkull

1:45 – Feature length movie on topic of Children’s Rights, “To Educate a Girl”

2:30 Home