WE Day

What Is WE Day?

I’m pleased to announce that Mr. Lister and Mr. Barirani’s grade 5/6 at Strathcona have managed to secure a limited number of tickets for this year’s WE Day.


Date: Thursday November 3rd, 2016

Location: Rodger’s Area, Vancouver, BC


We Day is a year-long leadership and service learning project created by the charity Free The Children, and is designed to highlight the importance of social justice issues around the world.  During the year you will exposed to important issues such as poverty, education, homelessness, children’s rights, health, aboriginal awareness, gender equality, and human rights.


Guest Speakers:

Below is a list of speakers who will inspire you to action at We Day 2016.

The speakers and presenters for this year’s event have yet to be announced.  Please come back later to see the extensive list and the learn more about these incredible ‘change makers.’


We Day Events:

Throughout the year, you will participate in several We Day events along with thousands of other socially conscious school kids from three different countries.

We Scare Hunger

We Bake For Change

We Create Change

We Are Rafikis

We Are Silent

We Stand Together

We Wont Rest


Messages of We Day:

The most important message We Day and Free The Children spread is the message that individual people, like yourselves, can make a difference in the world.  Another important message is that of action.  When we know of social issues in the world we need to act, and stop the spread of apathy that plagues our society.






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