We Are Silent, 2015

Central Elementary School has had the honour of partnering with Free The Children’s We Act program since 2010.  Free The Children’s social justice programming has had a significant impact on the students I have worked with over the last 5 years.


Today is April 16th, and today we are showing our support for the millions of children around the world whose basic human rights are not met.  Many children are forced to work long hours in unsafe conditions.  They do not get the chance to go to school and become the best that they can be.  Today we stand in solidarity for those children caught in the cycle of poverty, have little or no access to clean drinking water, have no access to basic health care, and are dying of treatable diseases.  Our silence today sends out a clear message to governments around the world that the time to fight for Children’s Rights is today! These children are our future!




Below is a form I would like you to fill out to let me know why you are choosing to go silent for a period of time today:

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