Review On The Day: Tuesday Jan 29

Hi again, it’s Madison and I’m going to tell you about my day. Like always we started with our morning circle (find out more about circles here, but today we still had circle, but we played charades after! Then, we presented our scar stories, like I told you on my last post and it went well, many people didn’t even make one! Then, we had recess. After that, we started to work on our living library story we did that up until math groups. In math groups we were talking about multiplication and some easy ways to solve questions. Then, we had lunch.


Bedside book stack


Reading is good for you!


After that, we had silent reading, so we can become stronger readers. We continued on to art. For art we used small squares of paper and a little saucer, to make a curve on the paper. After, we did this four times and colored it in we were done, it sort of looked like it was the shape of a rainbow. I don’t know what this was for, but I’m sure it will make sense by next class. Thanks for reading!

Review Of The Day: Monday Jan 28th

Hello, my name is Madison. This week I will be explaining my daily routine at school. Every morning we do a thing called circles. What we do firstly is go over the circle expectations so none of us forgets them. Then, we pass around our special talking piece, and each give a feeling word, a number and then an explanation. Our morning circle is mainly to get a good idea of how everybody is feeling and then if they are feeling low we know to treat them gently or comfort them.


Here's Wenlock


Our talking piece, Wenlock




After circle, we reviewed Christina’s blog post from last week and we picked a new class reporter. After we had recess. And, then we discussed our story project. The story project is when we have four classes that write a progressive story together, but each of the classes does different parts. Today we only discussed what parts the other classes did because we are writing the last part in about a week. Then, we talked about our scar story, which is a part of the living library The scar story is telling the class the story of one of the scars you have gotten. The purpose of this is so we can have experience and practice for when we do our real living library story very soon. Then, we headed off to math groups. We have math groups instead of doing math altogether in the class. This gives kids that are above their grade level a chance to learn more things that they don’t know instead of just doing things they already know while other students learn new things. Today we went over some questions that people struggled with on our quiz from Friday, on the quiz we did addition and subtraction word problems. Once we finished that, we moved on to do math puzzles on our mini whiteboards. Then, we had lunch. After lunch, we had French. In French we started a new topic, the topic was television shows. We learned what different genres are called in French, etc. comedy or cartoons. We made a title page for the main project this term, which is a TV guide.



TV Guide Christmas Tree



On the inside of the TV guide we will put a genre and draw a show that you like that is in that genre, and illustrate that page with something from the show. Once we were done that we went back to class so we could start health and career. Currently, in health and career we are doing goal setting. Today we finished up our papers that had many kinds of goals like personal, physical and school goals. Once we finished that we got out pieces of construction paper and cut them into shapes that related to the goal we picked because we thought it was most important to us. Then, we wrote our goal somewhere on the paper. Today Nigel, a member of our community, had a birthday.



32 / 365 - Sparkly Party Hats



We celebrate by firstly drumming a traditional first nation’s song. Then, Jia-Yao plays happy birthday on his clarinet, and we sing along. Then, we ask Nigel if he has any traditions at home, and then share our favorite Nigel moments. By then it is nearly 2:30, which means we have to get ready for home and do our student jobs. Well that is all for today!

Review On Our Day #2!

January, 22, 2013

Hi again, it’s Christina here. Firstly, we started circle the same every morning, circle. (Click here for more info on circles.) Then a teacher came in and joined us with circle. We talked about when a teacher calls your name, your confidence gets smaller and stays small in until it is something good about you so then your confidence and/or your heart will start to expand.

In contrast, while the other students in my class were planning out their Living Library stories, a couple of people and I went to E.S.L/E.S.D for help on our reading, writing and oral speaking. Our E.S.L/E.S.D teacher introduced us to a new book called Wilma Unlimited. We read about for pages and the book was average. Then, we wrote down the plot, problem, characters and words we didn’t understand or know on the back of our page.












On the other hand, we did health and career after recess. We were finishing what we were going to do yesterday but, didn’t get enough time. Today, we set short-term and long-term goal for three topics, physical, school and personal goals. After, all of us went to math groups. In my math group, we did the exactly the same thing as yesterday but, with One Direction and My Little Pony in the math questions.

Then we had silent reading for fifteen minutes, and then did art. We started a new art piece like four weeks ago and it is preposterous to do! The art is called 3D hand art and it’s an optical illusion.

(CLICK HERE for a tutorial from YouTube.)


Later that past hour, we stopped and listen to an audio book called “Peter Nimble And His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier.” Then, we filled out a sheet of paper that has four boxes and we have to fill it out. Bye, I guess that’s all for today!












(From Mr. Lister’s class blog.)

A Review On Our Day!

January, 21, 2013

Hello whoever is reading this, my name is Christina and I’ll be reviewing our day for this week. Firstly, we started our day the same as usual, we do circle. In circle, we start off with the attendance, then a couple of people drum. After, we say the expectations of the circle. Then, we do a check in, we start with a feeling word and end with a scale of 1-10. The reason we have circle in our class is that we want to advance our vocabulary and see how our classmates feel so if they are low, then we can treat them with respect and gently.














Second off, we started to look what a good, bad or plagiarized blog posting is. A good blog posting has all of the following in this link: (HERE.) Than we looked at a bad blog posting is without the following in the link above. Later, after recess, we looked at a stolen log posting. Our teacher will know because he knows our writing and he can paste it into Google and see if its copyright.


Third off, we go into math groups divided into or strength in math. In my math group, we tackled math problems, all of our math groups did the same thing just because that’s what we are focusing on this term.

For example:

Josh has 175 coins. Ash has 12 coins more than Peter. Peter has 14 less than Josh. Altogether, how much coins do they have together?


Fourth off, we went to French/library in the afternoon. Today, we marked our French projects and most of us did amazing, and others forgot theirs or didn’t finish.


Last off, we did Heath & Career, in Heath & Career we looked more into setting goals. We reviewed what goals are and what kind of goals there are too. Well, by now for today!















Class Reporter

Class Reporter is an important role that all students will have an opportunity to practice this year.  The Class Reporter will report on the events of the day.  They might also consider reporting on skills developed during the day, comment on new learning, or review the days most important moments.  Christina will be our first class reporter and I encourage you to review her post each night and reflect on the day’s events.  Remember, when it’s your turn to report, be sure to review the guidelines for blogging below: