Reflecting On Your Learning

Throughout this school year I would like you to get into the habit of using your blog to reflect on your learning.  Whenever you have the opportunity to think about your learning you are more likely to understand whatever it is you are learning at a deeper level.


How Do I Reflect On My Learning?


  1. Introduce the topic, subject, lesson

  2. Explain what is going well or is easy for you

  3. Explain what is not going so well or is hard for you

  4. Tell what you would do different in the future or how the lesson can be applied in your own life.

  5. Engage your audience by signing off with a question.




Example 1

In Math, we have been working on increasing and decreasing sequences.  This involves counting forwards and backwards, as well as ‘finding the difference’ between numbers.


I find counting forwards when the numbers are less than 100 easy.


I find counting forwards difficult when the numbers are over 100 and I need to use a number chart or number line to help me.  I also have difficulty counting backwards and have to use my fingers.


I need to practice counting backwards so when I buy something and I recieve change I can check to make sure it is the correct change.  I also would like to try and memorize what the hundred chart looks like in my head so I don’t have to use my fingers.


Do you have difficulty with increasing or decreasing sequences?  Do you have any tips for me?

Example 2


In Language Arts, we have learning about the value of making connections when we read.  I have learned that connections can be made to the story, a character, a feeling, or picture.  We have also been working on understanding the difference between strong and weak connections, and working towards adding context to our connections.


Here are some images of my progress:

I can make text-world connections by connecting what I read in books to what I know about the world around me.


I need to more on providing more context to my connections so that others can make sense of my writing without me having to explain it to them.  I also struggle to make connections to feelings because I do not think about how I feel very much.


I would like to improve on my printing so my teacher can read my work, and read more books so I can make text-text connections.


Do you find it easy to make text-text, text-world, or text-self connections?


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